identity design & direction

for  FXT Ceramiche (China)

year 2017

We were approached by a prominent tile manufacturer in Foshan looking into the possibility of revamping their whole branding and image - to give their brand, FXT Ceramiche a new lease of life.

Armed with innovative, forward thinking and cutting edge manufacturing technologies, FXT Ceramiche production capabilities offer greater flexibility and almost infinite possibilities when it comes to achieving the widest tiles color range gamut. Hence FXT Ceramiche’s brand direction should celebrate the idea of infinite possibility and flexibility as their core brand image.

FXT Ceramiche’s logo is designed in the form of a stylized ​∞ rendered in a fluorescent green tinge - lies midway between turquoise and teal​. FXT Ceramiche’s brand color projects a strong brand confidence as well as exuding a vibrant and dynamic brand appeal. Iconic and distinct, FXT Ceramiche stylized logo adapts very well across different formats of digital and printed materials.

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