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exhibition stand & invitation
for KITO Ceramics (China)
year 2021

This year in Canton fair 2021 we were engaged to design the new stand for Kito, a leading supplier of tiles in Asia. The objective was to create a different approach for their display and also as an experiment for their overseas customers roadshow module.

The interior of the stand was made to be like a residential space which consist of a facade, a small garden with succulent plants and cactus, a dining area and also a small pantry. Hence, we came out with a theme for the stand: Home, where the heart is.

This time, the stand does not just feature glazed porcelain products under Kito brand, but also sintered slab from a sub-brand under Kito group which is called by the name Klax, and also new green building materials under another sub-brand, KGE. We been asked to design the space making use of different materials in different areas according to the character of those materials to match with the function of spaces in the stand.

INVITATION 01-01.jpg
INVITATION 01-03.jpg
P6YUJR0 .jpg
渲染图 (5).jpg
渲染图 (4).jpg
渲染图 (3).jpg
渲染图 (2).jpg
渲染图 (1).jpg
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