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product brochures
for Miscela Mosaico -  a sub brand by Wifi  Ceramic (China)
year 2021

Miscela used to be a series of LVT mosaics parked under Cocorosa Surfaces as one of their Fiora collections. After a certain period of time launched to the market, they have a bigger plan to add in more beautiful decorative products from all kinds of materials such as natural stone, natural wood, porcelain base materials, glass, metals, and even other man-made composite materials into the collection. Then, they see there is a need to make Miscela to be separated and become a brand on its own. Hence, Miscela has become a brand and we have to come up with a new plan to promote the former Miscela series and reintroduce it to the market.

Looking at the design of the series, we decided to stick back with the idea of using geometrical form and shape to be the main concept for it. And, LVT considered a 'thin' material compare to others, 'cutting' is the method to produce those geometrical forms, so we decided to name it 'TAGLIO', a European term that carries the meaning of 'cut'.

Since playing with different geometrical shapes is the major concept for the whole series to design all related materials, we designed the logotype 'TAGLIO' from 3 basic geometrical shapes which are Triangle, Square, and Circle. Not only that, we made use of these basic shapes throughout the whole catalog.

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