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identity design & direction

for  Quadratico (China)

year 2018

Rather than indulging in complacency, an already established wardrobe specialist brand Quadratico - eager for a stronger branding presence hired us to do what we do best - helping our clients to steer their brand positioning to the right, optimum angle. Quadratico’s namesake is a nod to algebraic quadratic equations, resulting in a brilliant juxtaposition of Q&2 in Quadratico’s monogram.


Rendered in luxurious speckled gold, the brand projects a sterling reputation of luxury-driven, top-notch high-quality products with refined workmanship. This combined with our strategy to employ emboss & deboss technique across all printed collaterals proves to be a success in elevating the Quadratico’s prestige, adding a certain luxurious depth to the brand.

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