promotion materials

for Solomon Chong - Tenor (Malaysia)

year 2015

Mystifying yet iconic golden dragon emblem etched on the ubiquitous reddish tone backdrop; the colour that’s often associated with the Chinese culture is exactly what one would expect upon listening to Solomon Chong’s album he conceptualized. Three Chinese characters encapsulate the concept art for the album, 金龍 translates to “golden dragon” whereas 吾 translates to “me”; as direct as it gets literally - I’m the golden dragon.

Rendered in contrasting China-red background with matching golden tint for all graphical elements, the concept for promotional collaterals echoes the color tone always associated with 紅包 ​hóngbāo ​- gesturing a symbolic cultural reference to prosperity, happiness, beauty, vitality, good luck, success and good fortune.

Solomon .jpg
Solomon  .jpg