identity design & direction

for  TCERA Ceramiche (China)

year 2015

T’CERA started from a group of passionate, like-minded & highly knowledgeable tile experts-turned-friends who then decided to elevate their relationship to another level - formally forming a wholesome tiling solution company specializing in cutting edge & contemporary tiles design.

Reflecting their passionate spirit, the logo is a culmination of their enthusiasm in pushing the envelope of tile design capabilities. T in T’CERA represent Alan Tho - the founding pioneer. CERA stylized in minimalistic and quadrangle format hints its tiling connection as well as a philosophical nod to back to square one. A secondary logo composed of T’CERA rendered in Chinese - 简释 carrying the meaning ‘simple presentation’ & 陶瓷 is the Chinese word for ceramics.

Marrying simplicity and elegance, the brand asset colour scheme is developed using the fabled gold accent on earthy Sacramento green base, conveying the idea of growth, prosperity and vitality.

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