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"7th avenue" BRAND IDENTITY

identity direction
for 7th Avenue (Malaysia)
year 2022

7th Avenue is a development company based in Kuching Sarawak. In order for them to start a new journey in West Malaysia for more premium projects, they engaged us to work with them on their new brand image identity and a new company profile.

7th Avenue Logo.jpg
7th Avenue.gif
7th Avenue  logo 01-01.jpg
7th Avenue  logo 01-02.jpg
7th Avenue  logo 01-03.jpg
7th Avenue  logo 01-04.jpg
7th Avenue  logo 01-05.jpg
7th Avenue  logo 01-07.jpg
7th Avenue  logo 01-08.jpg
7th Avenue  BI 01-09.jpg

"7th avenue" COMPANY PROFILE

company profile
for 7th Avenue (Malaysia)
year 2022

107 0.jpg
107 1.jpg
107 2.jpg
107 3.jpg
107 4.jpg
107 7.jpg
107 9.jpg
107 5.jpg
107 6.jpg
128 .jpg
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