identity design & direction

for  COCOROSA Surfaces (China)

year 2020

Cocorosa’s foray into China's building materials industry marked another milestone with its core branding strategy riding on its strong femme outlook - offers the market with an advantageous edge. Cocorosa floral emblem is a symbolic geometric play of cocoa configuration morph to form ‘rosa’ - the rose icon and then expands radially to form blossoming rose. The brand colour profile consists of rose-red tone paired with complimentary cocoa dark-brown tone - creating a welcoming, beauty-inspired and soothing brand feel.

The story behind Cocorosa’s femme outlook is largely attributed to the fact that the company was established and run by a dedicated team composed mostly of women in leadership roles. This reflects well on the brand’s determination to stand out from the rest of their competition by playing the field differently. Cocorosa is an exemplary story of women empowerment in an industry conventionally dominated by men and how the right branding penetration helps them to achieve greater heights.

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product brochures

for Cocorosa Surfaces (China)

year 2020

Striking ribbon splashed in Cocorosa’s rose-red anchors the visual hierarchy for the cover page and this continues throughout the pages. With the foreground set to the brand's secondary colour of cocoa dark-brown tone, browsing through the pages provides a sense of brand familiarity to consumers.

Throughout the product manual, one would find all the visual elements and language tone display strong yet subtle feminine touch as to confirm to Cocorosa’s beauty inspired and femme outlook.

The first few page spreads are designed to stimulate consumers' visual appetite with aesthetically pleasing visuals to ease in the product onboarding before they delve into the details.

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product categorization

for Cocorosa Surfaces (China)

year 2020

A slight departure from our usual stylistic approach, Cocorosa product categorization system is a creative continuation of the overall femme outlook brand identity it carries.

Three visually stunning icons namely Madera, Piedra and Opera, are designed according to the following narrative formula - feminine facial line in the centre surrounded by elements that define the product range.

Madera - Spanish for wood represents the wood collection and its icon is composed of leaves outlines - a nod to the allure of natural wood, encircling the feminine facial line.


Piedra, Spanish for stone represents the stone collection and its icon is designed with hairlines surrounding the central feminine facial line - expressing the natural beauty of stone in its immaculate form.


Opera denotes opus or man-made masterpiece work of art and its icon is styled to feature seashells and leaf wreath adorning the hair of the feminine facial figure - a stylistic reference to human touch elements that brings the beauty out.

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wood collections

Wood is known for its enigma and timeless visual appeal in interior design. Designers and home owners are drawn to wood because of its natural beauty and design versatility.

Cocorosa Madera, a luxurious collection of Luxury Vinyl tile designs inspired by wood. Beautiful and undeniably elegant, these wood look luxury vinyl tiles offer a palette of natural colours and unique grain patterns – they’re exceptional for evoking classic masculinity or high glamour.

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stone collections


Whether you are a true believer in the green movement or you’re just passionate in bringing the beauty of nature into your home, there’s no denying the appeal of natural materials in interior design.

PIEDRA, a beautiful collection inspired by natural stone. Gorgeous and extremely durable, stone-look tile is definitely a smart choice for floors and walls, and very easy to take care of as well. With its fine variety of
modern designs and sizes, PIEDRA is sure to add an elegant touch to any décor scheme.

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opus collections


By definition, an opus is a created work by man, usually of an artistic kind. It is creative and beautiful – a definite work of art to the eye of the beholder.

Cocorosa introduces opus, inspired by man-made materials in the architecture world. Opus tiles provides infinite possibilities to the diserning when it comes to beautiful, modern spaces. Its range of versatile, neutral hues also aims to delight the senses.

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