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identity design & direction

for  Edavita Lifestyle concept (China)

year 2018

EDAVITA’s monogram is a creative visual play of the letter E & V that resembles a wardrobe with partially opened swing door - poetically designed as a metaphor to user experience (dynamic form). The fine linear lines of E & V epitomize beauty in static form. Both dynamic & linear lines form the essence of EDAVITA.

E & V rendered in a sleek and minimalistic approach, encapsulates EDAVITA’s philosophy of marrying simplicity and practicality - focusing greatly on Experience. ‘Experience’ is equally important as ‘Visual’ hence E = experience; V - visual.


With this philosophy in mind, EDAVITA’s product development strategy prioritizes flexibility above all else to ensure the finished products are of exceptional and premium quality in addition to being highly adaptable to accommodate a wide range of consumers with different lifestyle needs. EDAVITA even goes the extra mile by incorporating carefully-thought product detailing into their design such as adding a finer touch on closing and opening mechanism as well as pull and push sensation; elevating their brand several notches higher.

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