identity direction

for Floorsmith (Malaysia)

year 2020

FloorSmith - as an extension the master brand Home360, retains a few elementary similarities to provide a strong visual linkage between both in order to instil a sense of brand familiarity to consumers.

The brand’s colour palette is composed of softened off-tone rendition of Home360 master colour palette, with an additional complimentary medium olive tone - giving both the Home360 brand extension familiarity as well as a homier, cosier appeal to FloorSmith look and feel. The medium olive tone anchors FloorSmith to its timber and wood theme as well as reflecting FloorSmith’s commitment to sustainability and eco-green business practice.

A distinctive focus-wheel icon signifying Floorsmith’s determined focus & commitment to doing the flooring right for their consumer base. The focus-wheel icon is an artful composition of several elements morphed into one namely the up & down arrows juxtaposed with a straight middle line - a symbolic graphical gesture of the floor or the base ground level. This visual form is a homage to two key features of FloorSmith’s product range - wood log pattern and also the Chinese character for wood/tree - 木 (mù). The resulting focus-wheel icon could further be developed into a systematic graphical element that could be used extensively across all branding collateral.

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company profile

for Floorsmith (Malaysia)

year 2021

A company profile is not just a mere first impression, but a first real insight into the company’s identity and brand essence. Serves as a graphical representation of the FloorSmith brand identity - its company profile is a testament to FloorSmith’s commitment to upholding its philosophy of doing the flooring right.

The cover page features minimally styled focus-wheel icons laid out in a repetitive manner, rendered in a slightly lighter shade of dark-denim blue, contrasting subtly with its slightly darker blue denim foreground with FloorSmith’s signing off logo prominently positioned at the lower right corner.

Peeking through the pages reveals a continuous thematic pattern of FloorSmith brand red colour in the form of either full-text header or highlighted O in between written over full-spread of gorgeous visual composition of forests, tree bark textural splendours and everything forestry themed.

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product catalogue

for Floorsmith (Malaysia)

year 2021

FloorSmith's Wood Lookbook is a striking visual display of FloorSmith’s exhaustive collection of top-notch products - curated, catalogued and designed in such a way to inspire their consumer base with fashionable flooring options for just any space imaginable.

Compiled in an easy-to-browse yet brilliantly laid visual content and packed with digestible nuggets of product information, the Wood Lookbook has successfully captured viewer’s interest in FloorSmith’s product range in addition to providing an excellent product experience to consumers.

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