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product brochures
for GUOCERA (Malaysia)
year 2023

GUOCERA is one of Malaysia's well-known ceramic tile brands. Since they have upgraded their production lines and the hard work of the NPD team under the leadership of the new marketing team, they have developed a few new series and invited us to work together on the series of marketing materials for the launch. The design art direction has been conducted according to their new branding guideline. Diagonal lines are one of the major graphic elements, so we decided to make them the key element to separate the background and main features of the conceptual image on the cover. Throughout the brochure, diagonal lines combined with the colour scheme set for every category appear repeatedly to mark and enhance the character of every category and series.

CONCRETE Fondara 3.jpg
CONCRETE Fondara 5.jpg
CONCRETE Fondara 4.jpg
CONCRETE Fondara 7.jpg
CONCRETE Fondara 6.jpg
MARBLE Avante 2.jpg
MARBLE Avante 1.jpg
MARBLE Avante.jpg
STONE Medesia.jpg
STONE Medesia 2.jpg
STONE Medesia 1.jpg
STONE Travertinous.jpg
STONE Travertinous 5.jpg
STONE Travertinous 1.jpg
WOOD Cottage.jpg
WOOD Cottage 2.jpg
WOOD Cottage 1.jpg
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