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product brochures

for HOME360 (Malaysia)

year 2020

Why go through the hassle of managing various building material suppliers when you have the option to seal the deal via just only one integrated service app? Home360 is what this is all about - a proud subsidiary of the Chin Hin Group and fully integrated platform for all your home needs catering specifically towards architectural and interior practices.

With three generations of experience and expertise, Home360 offers the best deal in both home décor and hardware categories. A relatively new player, Home360 aspires to gain more exposure, better market visibility as well as stronger branding impression and with these goals in mind, Home360 approached and commissioned Leafindex to help them realize this vision.

Key art featuring a woman at work - tending to her craft is our attempt to be different, beating the industrial stereotypical notion and stigma. With a refreshing approach, the brochure gains an advantage by standing out as well as keeping up to date with contemporary cultural nuances.

HOME360 01.jpg
HOME360 02.jpg
HOME360 03.jpg
HOME360 04.jpg
HOME360 05.jpg
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