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product brochures

for King Jade (China)

year 2019

Redefining King Jade’s prolific pure marble tiles with its ten gorgeous colour profiles provides us a clean slate at reinventing the brand with out-of-the-box strategy.


Products are categorically curated based on veinal profiles - each evokes distinctive character and exudes a certain perception ​sui generis associated to a certain geographical locale or even a certain place in time, as we ​see fit. Ergo, a compelling thematic concept that extends well beyond just naming convention. Mosaic seed designs are developed in tune to corresponding themes - “AMAZONITE” Amazon Green Stone featuring leaf motifs mosaic; “BOHÉMIEN” Bohemia Gray Stone design with strong Bohemian vibe of Boho Mosaico; “ARTEMIS” Luna Grey Stone featuring round moon mosaic; et cetera.

Statuario White 01.jpg
Amazon Green 01.jpg
Rainforest Brown 01.jpg
Olive Grey 01.jpg
St Laurent Noir 01.jpg
Sodalite Blue 01.jpg
Verona Grey 01.jpg
Luna Grey.jpg
Calacatta White 01.jpg
Bohemia Gray 01.jpg
Amazon Green 02.jpg
Amazon Green 03.jpg
Bohemia Gray 02.jpg
Bohemia Gray 03.jpg
Calacatta 02.jpg
Calacatta 03.jpg
Luna 02.jpg
Luna 03.jpg
Olive 02.jpg
Olive 03.jpg
Rainforest 02.jpg
Rainforest 03.jpg
Sodalite 02.jpg
Sodalite 03.jpg
St Laurent 02.jpg
St Laurent 03.jpg
Statuario 02.jpg
Statuario 03.jpg
Verona 02.jpg
Verona 03.jpg