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identity direction

for Kloe (Malaysia)

year 2020

Both a philosophical celebration of all things flexible & endurance and also a playful visual anagrammatic experimentation of the word LOVE - KLOE exudes a timeless appeal with its contemporary and minimalist logo-form rendered in subtle grey with a vibrant yellow accent.Encompassing a wide range of contemporary cabinetry woodworks, KLOE offers a highly flexible arrangement to fit your requirements and needs - be it the material choice, colour repertoire, even surface finishing options, each KLOE customized piece is engraved and stamped with confidence with KLOE logomark.

KLOE is quintessentially a finesse woodwork craft brand - a true mark of exceptional craftsmanship.

kloe VI-15.jpg
kloe VI-16.jpg
kloe VI-12.jpg
kloe VI-14.jpg
kloe VI-13.jpg
kloe VI-17.jpg
kloe VI-18.jpg
kloe VI-20.jpg
kloe VI-19.jpg
kloe VI-21.jpg
kloe VI-22.jpg
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