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identity direction
for L&L CORPORATION [APEC] PTE. LTD. (Singapore)
year 2021

L&L Corporation is passionate about the business that focuses on building relationships, relationships between corporates, families, friendships, generations, cultures, nations, and living environment.


With the statement mentioned above as L&L's central concept for their business, we immediately see the idea & elements for the logo design which is a combination of 'L&L', 'Handshake' (relationship), 'Heart shape' (Passionate), and an 'Infinity' mark.


L&L is also an environmentally friendly company; hence they suggested using turquoise as the primary colour for the logo mark with dark blue, which represents 'Loyalty' as the background colour.

L&L full-03.jpg
L&L full-04.jpg
L&L full-05.jpg
L&L full-06.jpg
L&L full-07.jpg
L&L full-08.jpg
L&L full-09.jpg
L&L full-10.jpg
L&L full-12.jpg
L&L full-13.jpg
L&L full-14.jpg
L&L full-15.jpg
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