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identity direction

for Meaning Interior Design (China)

year 2020

"When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life." - Kofi Annan


Imagine when a group of like minded single mothers banding up together to form a strong, formidable and fiercely independent female community - creating a name of their own in the form of MEANING INTERIOR DESIGN CONSULTANCY and we have the honour to be part of that history and legacy.


Founded in 2018, MEANING INTERIOR DESIGN CONSULTANCY was officiated in January 2019 in Chengdu, China. It is established as a boutique studio that focuses on renovation design, construction, soft decoration that encompasses commercial spaces, government-initiated master planning commissions, landscape master planning and many more.


We helped them nurture, improve and position their branding identity in tandem to their core business philosophy by introducing a branding identity scheme that elevates them above the rest. The identity revolves around a stylized form of King Protea flower, a subtle nod to prestige - in the form of seamless patterns that’s easily adaptable into presentation covers and other presentation collaterals.


A slight departure from our usual practice, we package their brand identity with a presentation gimmick to wow their clients - putting a great effort to showcase their attention-to-details approach. As part of their presentation gimmick, they’re expected to tear apart the wax-sealed envelope containing the client's proposal - marking a sense of ceremony; a remarkable moment and most importantly - a lasting impression.

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Qian Jiang


identity direction
for Qian Jiang Interior Design & Fitout (China)
year 2022

2022 春季,与成都曼意展开合作模式,一同为客户打造更适合客户更完善的品牌梳理,空间设计及内部培训。


“千江”这个名字立刻就让我们想起 ’千江有水千江月‘。这是个意境,是相对的,不同的人会有不同的理解和体会。我们认为就算客户已经以 ‘千江’ 为公司命名,但也不应该急于为 ’千江有水千江月‘ 这个意境定下一个固定的意义和涵义。尽管如此,我们认为还是应该给客户从原来僵硬的视觉形象提升到带有些文化气质,比较有 ’意境‘ 的视觉形象,就选了这一款字体做为设计主调,再配合哑光金色,即能够衬托出客户的服务对象高大尚的档次又不会显得俗气。

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