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product brochures

for  MMB - Malaysia Mosaic Berhad (Malaysia)

year 2012-2013

Challenging the normal-convention-of-the-day, while most brands opt for a full display of splendour of their best ambience visual as catalogue key cover image, we adopt a radically different approach.

Our winning strategy is to compose collection names with the most pronounced tiles surface features, stamped on a plain white background. Our strategy worked very well because we stood out as the most obvious - cutting through the chaos of visually overloading imagery with jumbled up styles and colour variations.

The subsequent page features a full spread of the best ambience visual - teasing up your eyegasm, enticing you with the prospect of yet another visual surprises by flipping pages through pages.

MML Canvas 01.jpg
MML Canvas 02.jpg
MML Canvas 03.jpg
MML Canvas 04.jpg
MML Canvas 05.jpg
MML Conkrit 01.jpg
MML Conkrit 02.jpg
MML Conkrit 03.jpg
MML Conkrit 05.jpg
MML Conkrit 04.jpg
MML Drizzle 01.jpg
MML Drizzle 02.jpg
MML Drizzle 03.jpg
MML Drizzle 04.jpg
MML Drizzle 05.jpg
MML Poca 01.jpg
MML Poca 02.jpg
MML Poca 03.jpg
MML Poca 04.jpg
MML Poca 05.jpg
MML Roc 01.jpg
MML Roc 02.jpg
MML Roc 03.jpg
MML Roc 05.jpg
MML Roc 04.jpg
MML Tumber 01.jpg
MML Tumber 02.jpg
MML Tumber 03.jpg
MML Tumber 04.jpg
MML Tumber 05.jpg
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