product brochures

for Niro Ceramics (Malaysia)

year 2005-2012

As one of the world's leading tiling giants, Niro Ceramics boasts a huge number of products offering but it lacks product organization in the form of an effective and systematic approach to categorize them all.

Moving forward, we devised an effective system that could be replicated and extended organically depending on the company’s capabilities and growth direction. We pioneered the concept of categorization by design; of which has since become the industry wide standards and practice - even the competitors resort to adopting them instead.

Putting this idea into practice, the cover image selection strategy is to capture the essence of the product series with a provocative or thoughtful image that represents the collection series best. The White Book and The Black Book series for example, feature Caucasian and African-origin ladies respectively; metaphorically chosen to represent the idea of beauty in different skins.

Niro White 00.jpg
Niro Wave 00.jpg
Niro Traces 00.jpg
Niro Shavings 00.jpg
Niro Seasoned 00.jpg
Niro Sardinia 00.jpg
Niro Regal 00.jpg
Niro PolarBlack 00.jpg
Niro NaturalWood 00.jpg
Niro Megalito 00.jpg
Niro InsideOut 00.jpg
Niro Granite 00.jpg
Niro Concrete 00.jpg
Niro Dorato 00.jpg
Niro Charme 00.jpg
Niro Cementum 00.jpg
Niro Borgogna 00.jpg
Niro Basaltina 00.jpg
Niro Black 00.jpg
Niro Ardesia 00.jpg