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identity direction
for PAPERCLEEPS (Malaysia)
year 2022

Rendered in playful, honest an homage to how thoughtful ideas are always first drawn on the next available writable surface you could grab within reach - and those are often always, always the best ideas. Holding on to the same sentiment, Papercleeps is by DNA designed & intended to celebrate how great ideas will be conceived. Ours and yours included. Papercleeps is a stylized mark creatively choosen to fulfill two main purposes - using paperclip idea to symbolize fresh ideas that will be Papercleeps‘ key philosophy and a little easter egg play of hiding the two founders’ initial of double e in the namesake.

Paperclip holds and binds all the ideas together to form a solid concept.Your concept that will eventually be actualized into reality for the whole wide world to see in all its splendour, all these thanks to the very paperclip that hold and bind all the great ideas together.
papercleeps preview-03.jpg
papercleeps preview-06.jpg
papercleeps preview-10.jpg
papercleeps preview-11.jpg
papercleeps preview-12.jpg
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