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identity design & direction

for  Persian Stone (China)

year 2018

Persian Stone is founded with the aim to celebrate the beauty of classic pure marble and natural stone slabs - a rarity in the industry that focuses heavily on printed tiles over authentic stone slabs. This unique market penetration point offers Persian Stone an added advantage of carving out its own niche hence a strong and formidable branding - is exactly what Persian Stone needs to make its mark.


The namesake is chosen to reminisce the glory of the ancient Persian world - with relief relics from Persepolis visual serves as key art - lending an air of sophistication and timelessness.

Rendered in stylish typographic treatment oozing off vibes of luxurious feel and paired with an iconic emblem inspired from the Persepolis.

Persian Stone 00 .jpg
Persian Stone 04 .jpg
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Persian Stone 01 .jpg
Persian Stone 02 .jpg
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PERSIAN / Brochure


product brochures

for Persian Stone (China)

year 2017

Categorizing a plethora of natural stone colours with an eclectic mix of veinal profiles into a rational yet appealing classification format is indeed a complicated yet exhilarating process. Throughout rounds of schema and considerations, we discover a rather ingenious yet simple strategy that hinges well on human behavioural patterns - associative colours.

Natural stone has been used extensively throughout human’s history to showcase the best of what their civilization and empire offers through works of art and architecture. It is only logical that we draw inspiration from this idea to form a categorization system - Persian, Ottoman, Nankeen, Mogul & Rome respectively. Each represents a tangible association to colour tone based on the natural stone used to construct these wonders. Persian to portray grey stone collection whereas Ottoman represents beige and brownstone series. Nankeen, a creative word-play tribute to ancient Chinese dynasties capital of Nanjing represents onyx stone - Emperor Qianlong’s favourite precious stone, Mogul to portray white marble stone and Rome to represent travertine stones.

PERSIAN series-01 .jpg
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