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product brochure

for Princess Ceramics (China)

year 2019

Princess Ceramics commissioned us to rework, revamp and upgrade their product brochure to a more edgy and contemporary look and feel. The brief they provide is rather short - make us stand out even better.

As this project developed into the ideation stage, we’re baffled as to whether to adopt conventional design or to think completely out of the box and surely, thinking out of the box is our preferred choice.

We skipped the conventional tiling catalogue styling format by rotating each mosaic piece to 45 degrees angle and enlarged it to cover two-third of page’s double spread - allowing the audience to admire and gaze upon signature mosaic pieces. Adequately worded product highlights grace the top right corner narrating the story of each unique mosaic piece.

Princess 02.jpg
Princess 03.jpg
Princess 04.jpg
Princess 05.jpg
Princess 06.jpg
Princess 07.jpg
Princess 08.jpg
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