identity direction
for SLIDER (Malaysia)
year 2022

SLIDER (formerly known as SLIDERDROBE) invited us to work with them on their recent rebranding project to set a new direction for the brand. We immediately agreed on each other to maintain the existing SLIDER logo for its sleek, simple and elegant look. Next, we concentrated on the new brand message and slogan, then to its new graphics and visual directions for the marketing team to perform.

We introduced THE FOUR ELEMENTS to conceptualize the categorization of SLIDER's product range and we also set a new way how SLIDER relates different functioning spaces with a new concept which we call it 'Experiential Storytelling'.

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identity direction
for SLIDER (Malaysia)
year 2022

SMART is an Easy Payment Scheme provided by SLIDER to their customers including 0% interest installment from various banks. We are invited to give SMART a visual identity to be ready to be launched to the market.

SMART-09 .jpg


campaign direction
for SLIDER (Malaysia)
year 2022

Year 2022 is the 19th anniversary of SLIDER. most people would wait until the 20th year to celebrate instead of the 19th. SLIDER made such decision, not just to celebrate its anniversary, but also hope to give a new meaning to the number 19. Since the pandemic of COVID-19, there are too much of negativity related to the number 19, that's why we proposed "Celebrating New Hope for Tomorrow" as the theme of this special event.