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identity direction

for Stonelywood (China)

year 2020

It’s always the small touch that makes the biggest difference.

Stonelywood China - a leading building material company in China approaches us with a one-sentence-long brief that reads “leave the current logo intact, just beautify with elements”.

The proposed identity retain Stonelywood石里活 logo form and augmented with a small but impactful touch of a newly derived icon - an additional archetypal geometry ideated by marrying circle and square outline, cut into half. The circle element represents O in Stonelywood and the square is derived from its Chinese character element. Combined, both form a formidable stylized version of S - that could be construed as the initial to Stonelywood combined with the radical accent from the Chinese character 石. The geometries generated through the process of forming the icon are then absorbed to be part of the branding identity assets and implemented across all communication collaterals.

LOGO StonelyWood 1.jpg
LOGO StonelyWood 2.jpg
StonelyWood 01.jpg
StonelyWood 00.jpg
StonelyWood 03.jpg
StonelyWood 04.jpg
StonelyWood 10.jpg
StonelyWood 11.jpg
StonelyWood 09.jpg
StonelyWood 08.jpg
StonelyWood 12.jpg
StonelyWood 06.jpg
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