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identity direction

for SURRAIN (China)

year 2019

Triumph luxury shower system sought out our advice to reassess their branding direction and propose the right branding penetration in their bid to expand its market reach globally.

Enter Surrain - a proposed name that projects strong confidence and exudes vibes of international appeal. Surrain comprises sur + rain. Sur is derived from the word surplus. It revolves around the idea of being excessive, extra and abundant and with both combined, it conveys the experience of enjoying a refreshing shower under abundant rain. Its Chinese namesake reflects well on this concept.

Rendered in soothing cerulean blue, the stylized sleek and modern logomark with water drop accents on both romanized and Chinese logo form, calls to mind feelings of calmness and tranquillity - aptly appropriate for a shower system that emphasizes big on the showering experience. The cerulean blue theme extends well into visual collaterals - highlights of cerulean blue on water elements onto a pale-blue monochromatic visual.

Surrain 000.jpg
Surrain 00.jpg
Surrain 01.jpg
Surrain 02.jpg
Surrain 03.jpg
Surrain 04.jpg
SURRAIN / Brochure


product brochures

for SURRAIN (China)

year 2019

A continuation of the brand identity, the product brochures follow the design system established along the line of the brand identity guide.

Cerulean highlights of water drop on pale-blue monochromatic visual of a leaf define the key visual for the brochure. Peeking into the pages, the interspersed cerulean blue elements establish a consistent visual hierarchy across the brochure in addition to drawing one’s eye to accentuate features.

The overall direction for the brochures focused on highlighting each featured product in their gloriest best visual form as well as accompanying big bold catchy catch-phrases to grab the reader’s attention.

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