product brochures

for TCERA (China)

year 2016-2017

T’CERA is among the pioneering brands that employ the concept of categorization by the virtue of tile design - wood, cement, stone and et cetera.

Capturing the quintessential, each category features key art that best represents each range - visual that sets the right mood, paired with captivating copy that intensifies the overall experience. All these set in a minimalist tone with ample room for the visual and text to breathe.

A glimpse into the first spread, one feast upon evocative visual narrating either the origin of the design inspiration behind each range. The brochure spread design system is composed of tile specification indented to left with full tiling profiles on the right - allowing the consumer to immerse themselves with the details feature, followed by ambience visual depicting the tiles in various interior settings, helping the readers to visualize better.

Stone Sandstone 02.jpg
Stone Sandstone 03.jpg
Stone Sandstone 04.jpg
Stone Stratum 02.jpg
Stone Stratum 03.jpg
Stone Stratum 04.jpg
Cement Ionic 02.jpg
Cement Ionic 03.jpg
Cement Ionic 04.jpg