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product brochures

for Tian Bi Ceramics (China)

year 2017

The product brochure commissioned by Tian Bi Ceramics is a repositioning exercise with the objective to portray Tian Bi Ceramics as a trendy and luxurious-oriented brand.


A quick glance of the brochure reveals recurring black & dark thematic concept - dominating most of the visual landscape, a double-edged strategy of associating black with luxuriousness as well as an ingenious way to highlight their predominantly light-toned products range. Setting the main texts in golden-beige adds a certain opulence to the overall look and feel of the brochure.

TB 001.jpg
TB 002.jpg
TB 003.jpg
TB 004.jpg
TB 005.jpg
TB 006.jpg
TB 007.jpg
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