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identity design & direction

for Tile Matrix (Macau - China)

year 2020

In their bid to chart into new market territories, Winfully engages us to develop a brand identity - Tile Matrix with a rather straightforward brief - youthful & refreshing. We interpret the brief by proposing a rather minimalist approach - a geometric play of the Tile Matrix’s initial T & M rendered in a youthful colour palette of refreshing yellow, vibrant orange & brand’s hero colour, soothing green - oozing with a rejuvenating vibe. A stylized version of the Tile Matrix brand rendered in expressive gold calligraphic strokes matches the brand’s aspiration as well.

“Breathe life into every square of your space” - the brand tagline we come up with, serves as an extension to the brand visual identity, reinforcing the link between the brand’s namesake to its youthfulness outlook it portrays.


Tile Matrix’s hero colour, soothing green evokes a sense of confidence and trustability of the brand and these qualities translate well across all print, digital and signage collaterals.

TileMTX .jpg
TileMTX  .jpg
TileMTX    .jpg
TileMTX     .jpg
TileMTX       .jpg
TM tag.jpg
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