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corporate profile

for  TOPCERA (Malaysia)

year 2017

“First impressions never have a second chance”

Charles R. Swindoll

A well-crafted company profile is the very first impression of your brand. It provides a glimpse into your brand. It should not just tell the audience about what you sell - but importantly it should tell why you sell it. It intrigues them to check out product offering in more detail, and nudge potential business opportunities. It isn't just the language itself that gives the audience a sense of your - it's the combination of design, the font, and the brand color choice that shapes the audience's perception.

We helped TOPCERA craft a compelling story on how the company begins, matching the narrative with carefully and passionately worded vision, mission & values statements reflecting what TOPCERA stands for in the best way possible.

Presentacion 01.jpg
Presentacion 02.jpg
Presentacion 03.jpg
Presentacion 04.jpg
Presentacion 05.jpg
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Presentacion 07.jpg
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