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product brochures

for Uniques Ceramics (China)

year 2020

Armed with their latest product concept, Unique Ceramics is on the hunt for a new, fresh idea to inaugurate their prized creation to the market.

Their winning product? Obsolete porcelain pottery repurposed, coated with glaze & re-fired again for the third time in the kiln producing a work of wonders for your walls. Resulting glazed surfaces produce vibrant colours inspired by porcelain ware.

Setting the creative direction for the product brochure proved to be an uphill battle. Nonetheless, we conquered the challenge victoriously with a rather unorthodox spread design approach for a tile brochure - a visual hierarchical flow that begins from inspiration to the partly obscured glazed tile range set in isometric view followed by ambience visual and relevant summary of product specifications.

UNIQUE 00.jpg
UNIQUE 02.jpg
UNIQUE 03.jpg
UNIQUE 04.jpg
UNIQUE 05.jpg
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