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identity design & direction

for  VETRO+ (China)

year 2016

Little details that make the biggest difference - Vetro+ philosophy is built upon this idea and adapted visually into its brand identity. With a combined 20-years of experience and knowledge about glass, Vetro+ was established specializing in technologically and aesthetically designed mosaic tiles.

Drawing inspiration from mosaic tiles form, we proposed rectilinear typographic rendition of the wordmark VETRO set in neutral grey with “+” and “/” stroke, rendered in contrasting neon lemon green - providing a balanced look and feel of the logo.


From stylish hexagons to quirky quatrefoils, Vetro+ products are categorized into four different genres - Vetro+one, Vetro+two, Vetro+tri, and Vetro+for respectively.

182 .jpg
190 1.jpg
190 2.jpg
190 3.jpg
190 4.jpg
VETRO+ONE / Brochure


product brochure

for  Vetro+ (China)

year 2016

Vetro+one product brochure concept strategy features full display of the best mosaic design from the brochure collection, confined to a white border. The cover visual is a composition of mosaics paired with elements of life to give the visual an ergonomic reference, depth and richness.

Set in contrasting white, vetro+one - a typographic extension of its primary logo with “/”, “+” and “1” highlighted in fluorescent neon lemon green tone serves as both the play of logotype as well as the brochure name and design system.

Vetro+ ONE 01.jpg
Vetro+ ONE 02.jpg
Vetro+ ONE 03.jpg
Vetro+ ONE 04.jpg
Vetro+ ONE 05.jpg
Vetro+ ONE 07.jpg
Vetro+ ONE 08.jpg
Vetro+ ONE 09.jpg
Vetro+ ONE 10 .jpg
Vetro Website


website design

for  Vetro+ (China)

year 2016

Vetro+ website is designed with monochromatic greyscale overall color palette punched with occasional neon lemon green elements breaking the monotony adequately. Big bold statements accompanying visually stunning mosaic ambient images create eye catching visual interest to the landing page paired with prominent neon lemon green buttons prompting consumers to explore the slideshow.

Hovering over to the menu bar reveals a side navigation button designed with dropdown details over hover to keep the overall browsing experience simple and smooth be it on desktop or mobile.

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