identity direction
for WEYLY Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
year 2021

WEYLY is a multi awards winning company focus on wall painting and epoxy & concrete flooring business. We have been commissioned to help them to upgrade their brand identity.

Since they have just received several awards and started being recognized in the market, we suggested not to make drastic changes to the logo design. Our advice is to add just a circle to hold the existing English and Chinese names together to make it a more wholesome logotype. And, we also made adjustments to the color by removing the gradient effects on the gold and make the brown to be darker and greyish so that it will look more classy and elegant.

The result of all efforts and suggestions on the enhancement of the brand visual was well accepted by the owner.

Weyly BI-13.jpg
Weyly BI-16.jpg
Weyly BI-15.jpg
301 2.jpg
301 3.jpg
301 4.jpg