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display panels

for Wifi Ceramics (China)

year 2021

Evoke the intended mood you wish to achieve for a particular interior setting with a moodboard - a technique consists of an arrangement of images, material, decorative pieces or even accompanying text put together with key images to convey the conceptual execution behind one interior design idea.

WIFI’s Moodboard display panel is an experimental exercise of the spatial relationship between various collections and their corresponding design and appropriate decorative elements to match. The optics of this mix and match pairings practice are certainly brilliant.

Mood Board-01  3.jpg
WIFI / Advert


thematic advertisement

for Wifi Ceramics (China)

year 2019

“The world is my oyster.
I’m determined and all geared up,
ready to conquer the world with my charm”

Ingénue and mysterious - yet projecting a domineering but slightly reserved appeal, the subject matter in the form of a young mature lady perfectly encapsulating the essence of WIFI Ceramiche captured in this moment of time.

A sign of a brand maturity firmly rooted in its philosophy of ‘Gorgeously Elegant & Sophisticated’ - WIFI Ceramics cements its position in the global tiling industry. The ever-changing paradigm demands the brand to either grow prosperously or wither with time should the brand fail to adapt fast to the market need.

A strong and mature brand should constantly push the envelope in order to stay relevant - keep itself fresh, dynamic and always at the top of its game. Throughout our numerous years of the business relationship - we help them nurture and grow their business with our expertise. Our market-driven creative solution guides them in exploring opportunities as well as charting out new trade territories - adapting at the behest of ever-changing market demands.

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2023 Brohue


product brochures
for Wifi Ceramics (China)
year 2023

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