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identity direction

for Yohaus (Malaysia)

year 2020

YOHAUS -  Inspired by the Bauhaus movement & stylized in sassy homophonic wordplay that rhymes with “your house”, it is an edgy and creative forward brand with an aim of making trendy and quality design affordable.

Creative-driven & design-centric, YOHAUS offers an integrated and wholesome interior solution via a single, unified platform catered primarily to the creative-conscious consumer base. Steering its direction towards being a market leader, YOHAUS’ customized solutions are tailored to fit all spectrums of interior design preferences and aesthetic styles.

224 2.jpg
YoHaus VI-05.jpg
YoHaus VI-25.jpg
YoHaus VI-12.jpg
YoHaus VI-13.jpg
245 B.jpg
245 A.jpg
YoHaus VI-14.jpg
YoHaus VI-15.jpg
245 C.jpg
YoHaus VI-17.jpg
YoHaus VI-18.jpg
YoHaus VI-22.jpg
Binder .jpg
YoHaus VI-20.jpg
1418 .jpg
YoHaus VI-23.jpg
YoHaus VI-27.jpg
YOHAUS / profile


company profile

for Yohaus (Malaysia)

year 2020

Edgy and creative forward as it should be - YOHAUS’ company profile is an epitome of such psyche. Emblazoned with minimalistic graphical element play of halftone effect with one rendered in distinctive red - made the cover a uniquely YOHAUS style.

The theme continues as you browse through the profile with either distinctive red dot marker, visual elements rendered in YOHAUS brand color red or even big-red-circle overlap - engraved with either titles and quotes in addition to fitting visuals.

301 a.jpg
301 b.jpg
301 c.jpg
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