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product brochures

for KIMGRES (Malaysia)

year 2013-2016

The strategic idea behind KIMGRES collection conceptualization is to stand out among competitors. It is a common tradition in Malaysia for all tiling industry players irrespective of their market share size to join trade exhibitions organized by the Malaysian board of professional architects. It is a habitual practice of the delegation to visit each exhibition booth and collect as many as possible brochures and promotional materials for consideration. Strategically, we designed our printed promotional material slightly taller than the standard practice observed by our competitors, in order to stand out among the clutter of promotional materials - giving us the advantage of visual real estate derives from our calculated gamble based on delegation participants behaviour. This visual advantage provides us the best opportunity to shout out the most important aspect of our categorization - the collection labels.

Our categorization convention clearly indicates the visual hierarchy of how our system works - the boldest text depicts the category followed by a slender yet obvious numbering in a lighter shade to indicate the series serial product update in order. This is followed by the series name rendered in a combination of bold and medium typographic size - revealing the natural state of each namesake and accompanied with key visuals describing either the inspiration of the tiles series or simply depicting the range’s best tile profiles.

Anchor 1
Basic 01.png
Cement 01.png
Cement 02.png
Cement 03.jpg
Cement 04.png
Ethnic 01.png
Wood 01.png
Wood 02.png
Wood 03.png
Works 01.png
Stone 01.png
Stone 02.png
Stone 03.png
Stone 04.png
Stone 07.png
Stone 09.png
Cement 01
CEMENT 001.jpg
CEMENT 002.jpg
Cemet 03 Cement 04
Basic 01 Ethnic 01
Stone 01 Stone 02
Stone 3 Stone 04
Stone 05 Stone 06
Stone 07 Stone 08
Stone 09 Stone 10
Wood 01 Wood 02
Wood 03 Works 01
WOOD 003.jpg
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